Can a video game solve Stockholm's housing crisis?

The city of Stockholm is in the grip of an immense housing crisis, engendered by a pioneering egalitarian housing system that has been diluted by austerity and conservative governments. A new social hierarchy has emerged based not on where one is able to live, but rather how long they can live there for. Stockholm’s inner city is gridlocked, with nowhere for new residents to go. The infrastructure was adequate for much of the 20th century, now Sweden’s unique unitary housing model has become a twenty year waiting list for inner city homes, creating an ever increasing gap between the haves and have nots. Sweden is now struggling to maintain its ideals of providing housing for all. 

By using this time based social hierarchy as a tool for investigation, a video game, made using a layered organisational strategy of time based buildings and infrastructure is proposed to change players social thinking from a typical location based society, to a time based one. A series of architectural levels tailored to each time period teach players about the rules associated with this new society, changing the way they view their city and changing Stockholm for the better